Band of Magicians.
We sit at our computers and cast different spells.
- "Point Wrangle!"
- "Photogrammetry"
- "Get prim intrinsic!"
Mad about art, science and motion.
In love with SideFx Houdini.

Scroll down if you want to see what magic we've already done.
Some greeny awesomeness for GolfTV
Incredible TD Nikolay Prudov
Awesome Lighting Shading Ilya Lindberg
Amazing Animation Alex Kogan (Oyedrops team)
Thanks to team for support and trust.
VFX Breakdown for The Archipelago Movie
Cosmoball aka Goalkeeper of the Galaxy
Tentacles shading and animation also some background compositing work.
Thanks to Main Road|Post team for believing in us and all the positive support.
Procedural Agrostis - free houdini asset
We're continuing to study the L-system with Houdini. One more procedural beauty - Agrostis (bent or bentgrass) is a large and very nearly cosmopolitan genus of plants in the grass family. And yes, it is growing and fully tweakable. Availaible for free download and use

Nikolay Prduov - L-system construction and procedural shading
Ilya Lindberg - Idea, animation, lighting and camera
Pine Branch
Continuing to study the L-system with Houdini. Got a lovely procedural pine branch. And yes, it is growing. Available on
Sphagnum aka Moss
Exploring the beauty of procedural plants with l-systems in Houdini
Behold the Moss Incredible aka Sphagnum! And yes, it is growing.
Available on
FX for Ivan Dorn Wasted
That was tough. Lots of caches of hair and clothes, lightning, particles, tornado, energy blast. Destruction and disappearing. But it was worth it. The final result turned out to be fantastic.
Thanks to Ivan Dorn and Denys Shchukin
CG Water in one sequence for Invasion movie
The most challenging shots we've ever did. Closeup cg water for shots with main movie characters! Lots of spells was cast.
-"Anamorphic bokeh!"
-"Bake Displacement"
And result is awesome. Thanks to Main Road|Post team for believing in us and all the positive support.
CG Forest in chase sequence for The Time Key movie
One big portion of scattered assets. Nice volumetric lighting.
Rendered in Redshift3d and comped with love.
CG Dwarf and old school comp effects for Inner Fire movie
Dwarf runs on the ceiling, deep dream hallucinations, blood and explosions.